Art Legends has been at the heart of soft furnishing fashion trends ever since it’s inception in 2010. With over a decade of experience in the interior design industry and having delivered to more than 1000 customer homes, we pride ourselves as being one of the first boutique stores in India to introduce and practice the concept of ‘Homestylist’ services.
Our products and services has earned a reputation for its innovation and creativity in design and has carved a niche among Architects, Designers and Homemaker clients. Our scope of work ranges from budget friendly small apartments to large luxurious homes.
Today we comprise of a team of trained experts which include project managers,stylists,sales officers and bespoke tailors and craftsmen who work hand-in-hand to deliver you fine finished products in scheduled time. Apart from our regular services of Homestylist and Projects, today we have launched our E-shop on our website which caters to pan India and abroad. We bring you ‘ready to ship’ and ‘made to order’ unique decor styling products, all available at a click from the comfort of your home or office.
‘PINK CARPET’ is our home-grown brand and is specially curated to bring Affordable Design and Luxury in Bedding.
‘STYLED ROOMS’ allows you to shop exclusively curated soft furnishing concepts for your Bedrooms.

Our Founder’s Story

Mrs. Janis Naha, our curator and founder ‘s journey towards mixing colours, textures and weaves started during her school days when she assisted her family business in textile design and related purchases. She is a perfect example of how beautiful things evolve when a career and a passion come together. Her passion for fabrics and colours grew as she travelled to different parts of India. Sourcing products from different regions opened an appreciation for mixing influences, cultures and styles which led her to start her design consultancy. Later the concept of selling and catering designer products and services took shape with the launch of ‘Art Legends’ in 2010. A lack of quality supply and increasing demand for designer products led to the creation of our in-house brand, Pink Carpet in 2020.

Our Design Philosophy, Mission and Vision

We chose to celebrate craftsmanship and creativity in an era of mass production and retain our integrity and commitment to bringing joy to everyday living in modern homes.Peaking into our designer’s world of decor styling is like looking into a veritable kaleidoscope. Our ‘Make In India’ initiative creates products of modern India, yet the styles seamlessly marry the new with the long forgotten, creating functional and beautiful decor spaces. There is some Persian influence, British motifs, with the predominance of Indian art - modern with an obvius sprinkle of old world charm. However they can be widely used along with modern and global furniture elements. Deep rooted in tradition, but simply modern to suit every interior style.

We believe that your home is an extension of your personality, your life. Our unique products help you complete, complement and enhance your interior decor story......Be it modern,classic,fusion,funky or transitional.Creating a decor as an expression of one ‘s true personality is an art.

Our mission is to help you create the decor of your dreams and thereby, a heritage which will be cherished by generations to come.Our consultative, inspiring approach ensures that your abode is updated in a way that feels perfectly you-and brilliantly you,taking the stress out of any project, making the whole process an effortless and enjoyable experience .