Customized Designer Services

Creating a decor as an expression of one’s true personality is an art. Our mission is to help you create the decor of your dreams and thereby, a heritage which will be cherished by generations to come. With a serious goal and a lot of fun and effort on the way there, our search in bringing out the truly unique and beautiful splendour in every home has taken us around the world in providing complete decor solutions through our design studio services. At our Design Stuido, we understand the need for discerning attention and superlative service. We undertake turnkey projects and ensure total color concept coordination of decor for residences, hotels & corporates.

Our design experts would consult with you and work closely on aspects like design theme, site feasibility and space balance with passionate innovation. They will take care of all your home needs from curtains to yours cushions or rugs and from wallpapers to your table lamps or wall frames. So all what you would need to do is admire the finished product.


Color-Concept/theme development

– Involves site visit, case study & measurements
– Discussions, Inspiration & budget- Colour and style consultancy.
– Scheme preparation .

Selection or Customization assistance

– Decorative loose furniture like, sofas,consoles, coffee tables etc.
– Thematic lighting like chandeliers, table lamps, etc. (no general lighting )
– Installation of above hard furnishings not involved . 

Selection or Customization assistance

– Wall treatments with textures,wallpapers ,cladding.
– Curtains,blinds, rods,carpets,rugs.
– Upholstering sofas,headboards.
– Bedding, bedlinen, cushions .


– Selection and purchase assistance of artefacts, curios, artistic paintings etc


– Assistance in final site setting



Our team would visit your site to study the feasibility, design elements and requirements and prepare a sample outline/sketch. Our experts would then work on a concept and prepare a design scheme to suit your budget and style. On approval of design, the executive team would then co-ordinate site measurements and assist in installation and arrangement of decor at site.

What we do?

We provide assistance in selection/customization of decorative loose furniture, soft furnishings, thematic lighting and accessorization to complete your interior story. We are committed to our mission of helping ‘You' create the decor of your dream and we promise to go that extra mile to cater to your style, be it urban, luxurious, classic, earthy, funky or fusion.

Contemporary / Urban Chic

This is a perfect interior style when one wants to achieve a simplistic minimal look. Rooted in minimal, there is true use of material or content and absence of decoration. There is more importance to function and comfort than form.This is characterised by a clean, streamlined sleek furniture and this interior is rooted to the architectural style from the 1930’s. Asymmetrical balance in furniture and layout is a key identifying feature.

This is a refreshing style of interiors suitable for modern day city living and is ideal for smaller spaces and creates an impression that a room is larger than it actually is.
This style is super easy to maintain and inexpensive to achieve.
With its characteristic wide open spaces with bigger windows and plain glasses, the interior blends with its natural surroundings bringing people dwelling in it closer to nature with plenty of light and space in modern days busy city lifestyle.
It is marked by solid colors, predominantly muted neutrals or bold punches of color.
This style is generally characterized by a neutral color palette, graphic artwork accents, polished surfaces, strong geometric shapes and asymmetry.

Luxurious / Royal

An ornate, fanciful and decorative style is characteristic of this look. Luxurious interiors are usually rich in tradition and history. It emerged from the neo classical forms and has its origin related to greek styles of interiors.There ‘s always something so clean and crisp about luxurious interiors. Royal and luxurious interiors makes use of all the elements that are not absolutely necessary, but without which interiors would be less charmed and less beautiful. Importance to more comfort to suit one s lifestyle is given.

Luxurious interiors uses more of custom made, high quality and unique designs. But note that not all items have to be of huge expense.
More focus or attention to detailing of interiors is seen and at times brings a dramatic feeling.
Colors range from rich, sun-drenched Mediterranean hues to softer, muted shades. Often, one color or fabric is repeated throughout the space.
A monotonous blending harmony is seen. Contrast usage is very less or just not there.
It's characterized by rich details and extensive use of gold, bronze and gilt.
Furniture - Antique or heirloom furniture with ornate details are used. Large use of consoles, chests, corner shelves etc are characteristic. Classics and vintage looks are common.
Luxurious interiors will never go out of style. Regardless of what fads come and go, we are always going to feel drawn towards spaces that make us feel pampered and provide comfort.

Classic / Elegant

This style is historically significant to have evolved from a mixture of influences from the 18th-century English, 19th-century neoclassic, French country and British Colonial revival. A refined exclusive, rich and serene look with solidarity ,balance and symmetry all over the space is seen.There is a feeling of harmony or orderly decor. A striking feeling of warmth and calmness bringing a feeling of timelessness providing ample space for creative innovation is characteristic.

This style incorporates traditional and cultural concepts of the region or continent creating a character and personality for the interiors. It makes way to large amounts of beauty, elegance and predictability making it widely acceptable and an all-time favourite style in interiors throughout the ages.
This style is usually highly welcomed and accepted by the public in areas like Hotels, lobbies and other hospitality sectors, Government sectors, museums, cultural centres etc
Color palette is usually in the mid-tones and fabrics are muted, usually simple florals, solids, stripes or plaids.

Earthy / Rustic

The key influence of this particular style is nature and you could easily create a wonderful Eco-friendly home around this concept. As more and more people are looking for ways to improve upon the quality of their lives using organic materials in their homes, this is one of the best ways to enhance this. As rustic interiors circle around unrefined natural elements, it brings the feeling of calmness, peace and welcomeness into every space.

This style keeps homes more connected to the outdoors with its usage of natural materials like wood, stone, rocks and concrete with plenty of sunlight and maintenance-friendly natural house planters etc.
Recycled materials and restored materials from old buildings etc used at times making it more eco or earth friendly . Hence a favourite style among architects and designers all over the world.
This style makes an incredible difference to the vibration of health and wellness. So it's inevitable that there is a continually, growing interest in rustic interior design.
Traditional or heritage elements with cultural significance in form of art or artefacts is a part of this style in interiors.
Color pallette is widely kept subdued, neutral or muted or earthy showing its closeness to nature. At times, usage of colorful earthy tones can be seen as accents or highlighters in art and fabrics.
Natural Fabrics like cotton hemp ,linen,wool or animal hides are used.
Toned down leather and suedes also used.

Transitional / Fusion

The transitional look bridges contemporary and traditional design. It is a borderline style. It is a marriage of traditional and modern furniture, finishes, materials and fabrics. A stylish Mix and match fusion. With its simple lines, neutral color scheme, and use of light and warmth, this style joins the best of both modern and traditional worlds. Contemporary chic aesthetic is more fluid than ‘modern’ design, and is cleaner than the ‘traditional’ look.

This style exudes a sense of simplicity and sophistication.
It is refined style . These spaces are perfect for a traveller.
The main focus is on balance: not too cold, not too formal.
Transitional style strikes the perfect balance between the two. The perfect balance of masculine and feminine results in an timeless interior which is welcomed and loved by all!
The result is an elegant,enduring design that is both comfortable and classic.
Offering a deep rooted sense of history in some pieces, while furniture often gets an update with cleaner lines. Rescuing quirky items from old markets and giving them a new lease of life is central to this style. At times a distressed, worn look is seen. This is more stated as vintage look.

Colourful / Vibrant

This catch -all style borrows from several other design styles and evokes a sense of IMAGINATION and surprise with unexpected contrasts. The style is not simply throwing together everything and anything, but rather relies heavily on the building blocks of design to make the space look cohesive. This style can be described as ‘bold warm and more inviting’. This style can be said to be more ‘playful, quirky and young’.

Bright vibrant colours are in and mild hues are out in this collection of 'loud energising' interior design . Color contrasting is one of the most economical ways in transforming your space and personalizing it with your own sense of style . This style allows a contrast between ' old and new' , and the ' bold and beautiful'.
These interiors are also referred to as ' bohemian ' style as these are unusual and uniquely beautiful. Each one of us have a unique creative vision. These interiors allow the play of unusual creativity through various combinations. This style is experimental and adventurous for the true art lovers to play with their moods and thoughts indeed. Hence these interiors are highly preferred by artists so as to personalize and match every bit of decor to suit their style and mood.
We could say it keeps a deep energy to many as it allows them to connect to their inner self.